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Latest Knife Project – “Apocalyptic Cupcake”

Hi, I’m Seth and I love knives. I also love Knifeade, this website I created to share my hobby and help you make the best purchasing decisions possible. Or at least give you something to drool over and show to your significant other.

So whether you’re trying to make your own knife, modify the one you have, or just want to learn more about the world of blades, we’re in the same boat! Let’s row together!

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Knife Reviews

I’m not cool enough to get free knives to review. But I buy lots of knives and the reviews are probably more honest this way anyway.

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Knife “How To”

Whether you’re trying to forge a knife, cut one out of a saw blade, paint a paint, or just clean it, I’ve probably got a method.

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Knife Questions

Even the most experienced knife guys and gals have questions burning somewhere in their souls. We take and answer all of them!

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Are you within your state’s knife laws? You’d be shocked how many laws (with significant penalties) you’re probably breaking. Let’s check:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.