Florida Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

The common men who are completely unknown about knife legislation in the state, often manufacture, purchase, carry, and sell knives without any permission from the Federal Government. However, if you are living in an American state then you have to follow the Knife Laws, as per the Switchblade Act, crucially.

Remember, you will be charged a vicious cost if you violate any legal regulation of the state. This legislation has been introduced to the citizens of the country and state, just for decreasing the crime rate and increasing safety. So, follow the rules for yourself and for the betterment of the state where you are living.

When we talk about the Knife Law, every state has different regulations for the citizen regarding the use of the knife or blade. Moreover, you will find very little similarity between the sections, statutes, penal codes, degrees, and penalties between any state.

Florida Knife Law for the State

Florida (FL) has a comprehensive legal regulation regarding, blades, knives, and other deadly weapons. According to the Florida State Constitution – Article 1, Section 8The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed, except that the manner of bearing arms may be regulated by law.” The Supreme Court of Florida said, every individual has a legal right to carry arms for self-defense but at the same time, he or she should learn and follow the vicarious legal conditions, limitations and legal exceptions before manufacturing, carrying or purchasing any deadly weapon like a knife, which probably have a chance to harm or threat people. You must have a complete look to the Federal Regulations below with exceptions, while buying or carrying various knives:

Federal Knife Law for the Minors of Florida

As per Section 790.17 of Florida Knife Law, giving, selling, and lending knives to minors under 18 years and persons of unsound mind is strictly prohibited. If you provide the knife to the minor without the consent of his or her parents and knife license then you will be punishable under the Section 775.082 or Section 775.083. Violating the regulation will fall under the 2nd-degree felony. Even the minors cannot buy any knife from the shop without the permission of the parent or the Peace Officer of Florida.

Florida Knife Law for Ownership and License

According to the Ownership Knife Law of Florida, you need a license or authorization to carry knives under F.S.A, Section 790.06. Moreover, if anyone uses a knife without a license then his or her offense will fall under the 1st-degree misdemeanor. The regulation of Florida is very strict in case of the license of deadly weapons like a knife. The license is valid for 7 years, and after the time period. For the initial license applicants, the charge is $55 in Florida, and the new application form fee is $22. You just have to renew the license with an application fee of $12 after 7 years.

There is an exception for the law enforcement officers, armies, police, judges and security officers. They are exempt from the fees for making the license; they just need valid ID proof to make a license and buy or carry knives and other weapons.

Concealment or Carrying Knife Law of Florida

According to Florida Knife Law under the Federal Statue 790.01, it is a 1st-degree felony to carry hidden, deadly and concealed knives in public places without a license or in a misleading form. Moreover, the blade length should be not more than 4-inch, and the edge of the knife should be blunt. The non-serrated blades are much preferred in the state. Remember, the position of the blade should be closed, and if it is opened then it will be an offense under the Concealment Law of Florida.

Compensations for Breaching the State Knife Law of Florida

If you ignore and violate the above-mentioned knife laws of the state then you have to pay the penalty for the felony in the following ways:

  • For the infringement to Ownership Knife Law of Section 775.082 or Section 775.083 that falls under 2nd-degree felony, the parents of the minor have to compensate $500 or else he or she will be convicted to jail. If a minor attack someone with any deadly weapon or knife then he or she will be charged $5000 under the 3rd-degree and will be convicted to jail for 4 months. Moreover, if he or she kills someone with knife then he or she will be lifetime imprisoned, and the penalty of $15,000 will also be charged from his or her parents.
  • If you breach the Concealment Knife Law, which falls under the Federal Statue 790.01 of Florida Knife Law then it’s an offense under the 1st-degree. For this felony, the individual would be charged $1,00.0 or put behind the bar for 6 months to 1 year for the misleading activity.
  • Violation of F.L.A, Section 790.06 of Florida Knife Law is the 1st-degree felony and a misdemeanor to the state legislation. So, for this offense, the guilty person would be fined not less than $1,00 and imprisoned to the state jail for 6 months.

Types of Legal Knives in Florida

Some knives are legal in Florida, which you can buy, sell and carry but with legal limitations security of your family and the state, as a dutiful citizen. Take a look at the legal knives, as per Florida Knife Law, and make a license for using these knives:

  1. Belt Knife – Don’t get confused with the term, ‘Belt Knife’. Yes, it is a small knife that is attached to the buckle of a belt. This knife is easily available in many stores. However, you can attach the knife with pants, jeans, and trousers in a smart way because it is un-identifiable by other people. Usually, it’s required for self-defense, but misuse of this knife may charge high penalty from you. People in police department and armed force use this knife.
  2. Cane Knife – This large hand-wielded cutting tool is generally used by wood-cutters, farmers and chefs. Though, it’s used for commercial purpose, so people of different professions can show their ID proof to make a license for buying this knife because it’s sharp and dangerous. If you want to buy it for your garden or another domestic purpose then you need to apply for a license before purchasing it.
  3. Balisong Knife – Some people call it Butterfly Knife and others call it Fan Knife. It is a small and foldable pocket knife that is easy to carry if you have a legal permission. You can hold it with double handles, and it also helps in cutting vegetables or fruits, and paper whenever required.    
  4. Bowie Knife – It’s a fixed-blade knife attached with the clip point and cross guard. People often use it in the kitchen of home and restaurants for cutting and slicing meat or fish.    
  5. Plastic Knife – This high-edged knife has plastic handles to hold, but it is easy to cut durable things also. Therefore, buy this blade with a license from the Federal Board of Florida.
  6. Automatic Knives – Automatic knives have a switch fixed with it, which can be easily carried in bags or pocket, but in a closed condition. According to Switchblade Act, automatic or switch knives are legal for Florida; you just need a license to purchase or sell it.    

Types of Illegal Knives in Florida

Usage and ownership of the knives are not prohibited, but some malicious and dangerous deadly knives are completely not allowed in the state. So, this is your first duty as a citizen or migrant of Florida to avoid purchasing or using these knives:

  1. Ballistic Knife – This deadly blade is made of a detachable blade that can be easily separated from the handle with the help of the spring. You can throw it from far distance by pressing the trigger of the knife. However, because of its dangerous harming nature, the Supreme Court of Florida have banned Ballistic Knife in the state.
  2. Machete – Machete is an old fighting blade that was often used by the soldiers during many years ago, but nowadays, its usability has been reduced by common men because the height, width and heaviness. However, criminals still try to use this knife to harm others but beware of the penalty and the section of the Florida Knife Law before attempting such activities with Machete.   

Legal Rules for Prohibition of Illegal Knives

According to F.L.A, Section 790.225 of Florida Knife Law, the Ballistic Knives or Self-propelled Knives and Machetes are unlawful to manufacture, brandish, sell, buy, use and carry in the state. These knives are self-propelled because these knives can be separated from the blade with the help of spring, coil and elastic material. So, these blades have been declared as a dangerous and sharp weapon for any crime as per, the Federal Law. It may be the subject of seizure and disposed under Section 790.08(1) and (6), if you use illegal knives.

Penalty for the Violation

If you breach Section 790.225 of Florida Knife Law then you will be guilty under misdemeanor of the 1st-degree of Section 775.082 or 775.083. For this offense, you will be jailed for 1 year by compensating $1,000.

Butchers, fishermen, soldiers, and hunters can carry every type of knife with their ID proof during duty hours. Moreover, you can carry the legal knives with a license for your self-defense.

Prohibited Places to Carry Knives in Florida

Remember weapons and any type of deadly knives are strictly restricted to carry at some places without the permission of the owner or the State Government. Remember, security, limitations, and safety are the primary aspects to be followed in those places. Therefore, before carrying any knives in those places, get knowledge about the sections and penalties of Florida Knife Law to avoid penalties. Have a look at such restricted places:

  1. Court Houses
  2. Highway Patrol Stations
  3. Polling Places
  4. Administrative Buildings
  5. Educational Institutes
  6. Airports
  7. Municipality Office
  8. Bank
  9. Public Transport
  10. Public Places

Penalties for Carrying Knives and Weapons in the Restricted Places

If you don’t have a knife license as per, Section 790.06 of Florida Knife Law, but still you are carrying arms, weapons, or knives without any permission to the above-mentioned places then you are guilty under 1st-degree felony with a serious misdemeanor. For this crime, you may have to recompense $1,000 – $10,000 or be kept in state prison for 1 year or more. So, be aware and remember these strict rules before you take a decision to carry knives in the aforesaid prohibited places.

Final Note  

Positive use of any tools will never compensate you and harm others, even if it’s a dangerous knife or a sharp blade. But misuse of the same cutting-edge tool may put you in jail or ask monetary penalties from you for the reason of harming anyone. So, for maintaining the distance from every type of crime or corruption, secure yourself by following all the aforesaid regulations of Florida Knife Law, and try to stay away from legal charges or punishment.

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