Indiana Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

Indiana knife law is quite straightforward. It is not complex at all. You may say, this state has liberal regulations regarding the laws of knives and blades. Indiana is a North American state situated in the mid-western part of the Great Lakes. The democratic-republican federal government is the authority of the federal law regarding knives and other weapons.

According to IC Art. 1, Section 32, “The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the state.” However, as per the Indiana Knife Law – Article 47, Chapter 5, the law regarding weapons and blades prohibits violence. So, you can carry legal knives but you have to follow the limitations and regulations of the state.

State Knife Law in Indiana

According to the Indiana Knife Law of IC. 35-47-2-7, the statute prohibits giving or selling a deadly weapon to any intoxicated person. According to IC. 35-47-4-10, you cannot sell any knife and deadly weapon to a minor under 18 years without the written consent of the parents.

There are no restrictions or limitations in concealing or openly carrying knives and blades in Indiana (IN). Only illegal knives such as throwing stars and ballistic knives are not allowed to be used, bought, sold, manufactured, and carried in Indiana.

Penalty for Breaching the Federal Rules of Indiana Knife Law

For breaching the federal rules of Indiana Knife Law, you may fall under Level 3 felony, and he or she will be imprisoned for one year in the country jail.  

Limitation on the Length of Knives in Indiana

The knife or blade length is not restricted strictly in Indiana. Some localities of the state only have limits in the blade length. In such localities, the citizens cannot carry knives more than 8”. This is not the same for every locality.

Types of Legal Knives in Indiana

Most of the knives and blades are legal in Indiana. As it is a friendly state in terms of the knife, so you can manufacture, buy, sell, import, export and use these knives. Remember, you cannot sell these knives to minors and intoxicated people. Some legal knives are:

  1. Bowie Knife: Bowie knives are often used for hunting and butchering games. The curved top clip on the upper part of the blade is used to remove the skin of meat and fish. This knife is sharp, but it is legal in Indiana.
  2. Balisong: Balisong knife is also known as a butterfly knife. It is used for fanning and flipping. This is also a gaming knife which is often used for games organized in the state. Hence, it is a legal knife of the state.
  3. Disguised Knife: This knife is a hidden or a concealed knife that cannot be stocked from outside, but it acts as a comb, working pen, lipstick and a brush. You can carry this type of knife for your self-defense.
  4. Dirk/Dagger: Dirk or dagger is a long and sharp knife that can be locked also. However, this knife is legal in Indiana.  
  5. Pocket Knife: Pocket Knives are versatile tools that are often carried in a bag or pocket to cut paper, rope, fruits, etc. This type of knife is legal in Indiana.
  6. Utility Knife: These knives are mid-sized knives which are used for miscellaneous cutting. The length of these knives can be 4-7”. Utility Knives are legal in Indiana.
  7. Poniard: Poniard is also a dagger but its size is not at long as a dirk or a long dagger. Like a dagger, it is also legal in Indiana.
  8. Switchblade: This is also a type of pocket knife that is automatic. It has a switch that is used to open the knife. You can carry this legal knife of Indiana for emergency purposes.

Types of Illegal Knives in Indiana

Not all knives are allowed to use in Indiana. According to Indiana Knife Law, some knives are illegal in this state. You cannot buy, sell, use and manufacture such blades and knives.

  1. Chinese Throwing Star: The Chinese Throwing Star or a Ninja Star is the sharp star-shaped knives that are often used for games. However, these knives are used illegally and thrown to harm people. So, according to IC Section 35-47-5-12, using any kind of Throwing Star is banned in Indiana.
  2. Ballistic Knife: Ballistic Knife is a long and sharp knife that is illegal to use in Indiana. As per Burns Ind. Code Ann, Section 35-47-5-2, Ballistic Knife is banned in Indiana.

Penalties for Using Illegal Knives in Indiana

Anyone who breaches the regulation, and carries Ballistic Knife would fall under Class B misdemeanor. If any citizen buys, sells, lends, uses, or manufactures these knives or blades in Indiana, then he or she will be in the state jail for 90-180 days. The person might also have to compensate $500 as per the Indiana Knife Law.

If you manufacture, buy, sell and carry throwing stars, then you will fall under Class C misdemeanor. You have to compensate $500 and you will be imprisoned for 60 days.

Restricted Places to Carry Knives as per Indiana Knife Law

There are some places in Indiana where you cannot carry knives. Using and selling blades or knives are also strictly prohibited in such places.

  1. Schools: According to IC. 35-47-2.5, you cannot carry use and sell knives in the school premises. You will have to compensate $500 as per IC 35-31.5-2-285 if you carry knives and blades in school property. As per IC 20-27-2-8, it is illegal to carry knives in the school bus.   
  2. Public Vehicles: As per IC. 35-47-5-2.5(d), every type of knife and blade is not allowed to carry and use in any public and motor vehicle.
  3. Government Buildings: The government buildings such as post office, banks, courts, police stations, and other places prohibit carrying knives and blades in Indiana.   
  4. Private Properties: You are not allowed to carry knives, blades, and any kind of sharp object in private properties like home, garden, ground, pool-side, etc.

Penalties for Carrying Knives and Blades in Restricted Places

If you breach IC 20-27-2-8, then you will be infringed under Class A misdemeanor, and for that, you have to penalize $5,000 and you will be imprisoned for one year. For carrying knives on school premises, you will fall under Level 6 felony, and the person will be kept under the bar for one year.

Final Note

The brief synopsis about Indiana Knife Law will help you know the legal regulations of the state. Moreover, the government of the state has made these regulations for the safety of the citizens and the migrants. Now, it is your responsibility to follow the legal norms and keep yourself safe.