Idaho Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

The main purpose of different legislations and regulations of Idaho and other states of the U.S is to preserve the rights of the people and look after their safety. Idaho Knife Law is not very strict but there are some regulations that are needed to be followed by the citizens of Idaho.

Remember knife and blade are not only used to cut vegetables, fruits, and ropes. They are sometimes misused for harming others. So, it is necessary to maintain the safety of the state by following the regulations of Idaho Knife Law.

State Knife Law in Idaho

In Idaho (ID) owning, buying, and selling a knife is not banned but you have to follow some important rules while choosing a knife. People above 18 years can buy, sell and own the legal knives of Idaho. Both single-edged and double-edged knives are allowed to use in this state.

According to Section 18-3302E, minors under 18 years can carry pocket knives, but if the minors want to carry any kind of knife and blade, then he or she has to take permission with a written letter with the consent of their parents. The minors under 12 years can carry knives but only with his or her parents. Any person who breaches the law will be guilty of a misdemeanor, and he or she has to pay $500.

As per Section 18-3302A, it is illegal to, directly and indirectly, sell a knife to a minor under 18 years old. If anyone violates the law, then he or she has to compensate with $1,000 and he or she will be imprisoned for six months.

According to Section 18-3302B (2019), if any person carries a knife or any weapon in an intoxicated condition by having alcohol or drugs then it is illegal. For this offense, he or she can be imprisoned for three years.  

Concealed Carry Law

According to Idaho Knife Law, the regulation restricts carrying knives and blades whose length is more than 4”. According to Code 1833-02 (2), you can only carry legal knives by concealing but sharp and illegal knives of Idaho are not allowed to carry without permission by hiding. You cannot conceal a Dagger, Dirk or a Bowie without a permit from the local Sheriff’s Officer of your state.

Limits on Carrying Knife Openly and Blade Length Rules of Idaho

You can carry legal knives openly as per Idaho Knife Law but there are some limitations for carrying the knife and the blade, which every citizen is bound to follow. Take a short look at the limitations:

  • It is illegal to carry any knife open or concealed with a blade larger than 2.5” to any public places or government buildings.
  • It is illegal to conceal a knife whose length is longer than 4”.
  • Without the permission of the peace office, you cannot carry a knife or blade in a vehicle.
  • You cannot carry knives when you are drunk.

Exception of Carrying Knife

According to Idaho Code 18-3302 (3), you carry a knife more than 4” if you have a license of your professions like a police officer, chef, army, hunter, fisherman, or a butcher.

Types of Legal Knives in Idaho

Not all knives are legal to use as per Idaho Knife Law, but some of them are lawful. You can use, buy, manufacture, and sell these knives and blades in Idaho:

  1. Pocket Knife – It is a blade often used for cutting paper, fruits or other necessary things. It is also used for self-defense. But remember, the knife length should not be more than 4” and the blade length should not be more than 2”.
  2. Switchblade – This is an automatic knife or a sliding blade that has attached the handle and a switch. You can open the knife by pressing the switch.
  3. Bowie Knife – Bowie Knife is a hunting knife or butchering knife which is often used by hunters, chefs, butchers and fishermen. It is legal in Idaho.
  4. Ballistic Knife – Ballistic Knife has spring inside it which helps it in opening easily. This knife is also used by chefs and hunters, and it is legal in Idaho.
  5. Disguised Knives – Hidden knives like a penknife, lipstick knife and other small knife is disguised knife. These are used for self-defense in Idaho as these knives are allowed to use in Idaho.

Types of Illegal Knives in Idaho

According to Idaho Code 1883-02, you cannot carry deadly weapons and dangerous blades which can harm people in public places. You have to take the permission of a peace officer of the state for carrying any kind of knives. Some illegal knives in Idaho are:

  1. Dirk – The size of a dirk knife or dagger is larger than 7-14”. So, you cannot use dirk or dagger in Idaho because you cannot use the knife length larger than 4”. Therefore, dirk is illegal in Idaho.
  2. Butterfly Knife – Butterfly Knife is also a dangerous knife with a sharp blade. Both the side of this knife is sharp. So, it is illegal to use in Idaho.
  3. Throwing Stars – These knives are often used in martial arts or in some games. Some people use these stars for malicious purpose. So, it is not allowed in Idaho.
  4. Machetes – Machete is like an axe which is used for cutting woods, ropes and flesh. However, it is not allowed in Idaho.
  5. Sword Cane – Sword Cane is often used for sword fighting game in various places, but it is illegal in Idaho.

Penalties for Using and Carrying Illegal Knives in Idaho

According to Idaho Constitution Art, 1, Section 11, if you use illegal knives in Idaho, then you will be imprisoned for six months or you have to compensate $1,000.

Restricted Places to Carry Knife as per Idaho Knife Law

There are many places in Idaho where you cannot carry knives, blades, and other weapons because high security is needed to be followed in those places.

  1. Schools – According to Idaho Code Section 18-3302D (2019) weapons, firearms, blades and knives are not allowed in schools and educational institutes. If you carry knives and blades in schools and educational institutes, then you will have to pay $1,000. So, you should not carry a knife and blades in any educational institute. If you need a knife in school for any purpose, then you have to take permission from the peace officer of the state or you can take permission from the authority of the state.
  2. Vehicles – It is highly restricted to buy, carry and sell knives and blades in public vehicles like bus, metro and shuttle. If you carry any sharp objects in vehicles, then you will be arrested by the Sheriff’s Officer of Idaho without any warrant.
  3. Government Building – In government buildings like a bank, post office, court and in other federal buildings, you are not allowed to carry knives and weapons. You will be penalized at $500 if you carry any sharp tools or weapons in those places.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other states of the United States, Idaho Knife Law is knife-friendly. Idaho is a knife-friendly state. It is your responsibility to follow the legal rules of the state as a citizen or a migrant of the state for your safety.

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