Minnesota Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

Minnesota Knife Law is a little bit long and wordy because most of the citizens of Minnesota get confused between the open and concealed knife law of the state. The Criminal Code of Minnesota defines that carrying any dangerous weapon and knife is strictly prohibited in Minnesota.

Minnesota (MN) is the 32nd state of the U.S. that is created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory. This state is also known as the land of 10,000 lakes. People cherish the beauty of the state but for the safety of the people in this state, some federal knife laws have been introduced.

State Knife Law in Minnesota

According to Minn. Stat. Section 609.66 (2012), it is a misdemeanor and a crime to carry illegal knives openly or by concealing. You can be penalized for that felony. Metal Knuckles and switchblades are highly banned in Minnesota.

Concealed and Open Carry Knife Law

As per Minnesota Knife Law, Section 625.16, carrying dangerous knives such as dagger, dirk, and sword are illegal. You can neither openly carry nor you can carry these knives in a concealed way. You cannot can Automatic Knives and transfer them in a concealed way.     

According to Section 625.16 of Minnesota Knife Law, a person who carries dangerous weapons will have to compensate $500 and the person will be imprisoned for six months.

Knife Length Limitation as per Minnesota Knife Law

According to Minnesota Knife Law – Benchmade 62, you can carry up to 4.25” knives or blades in the state but not more than that. For violating the knife law, you will be imprisoned for six months.   

Types of Legal Knives in Minnesota

There are some knives and blades that are legal in Minnesota. You can use, carry, manufacture, and buy these knives in this state. However, you cannot use these sharp weapons in restricted places of the state.

  1. Balisong Knife: Balisong Knife is a fanning or flipping knife which is used as a gaming knife. Balisong or Butterfly knife is also used for self-defense. This knife is legal in Minnesota.   
  2. Bowie Knife: Bowie Knife is also known as skinning or hunting knife which is used for butchering game. Butchers use this knife for
  3. Throwing Star: Throwing Star is a gaming knife that is often used for playing games in the state fair. It is dangerous if misused, so you cannot carry this knife in restricted places, but it is legal to use.
  4. Disguised Knife: Lipstick knife, pen knife, sword cane, and other hidden knives are legal to carry in Minnesota. You are only not allowed to carry them in schools and other educational institutes.

Types of Illegal Knives in Minnesota

According to Section 609.66 of Minnesota Knife Law, owning and selling illegal knives are prohibited. For selling illegal knives, you would be imprisoned for 90 days or 1 year. Only fishermen, butchers, chefs, police inspectors, and armies can carry different types of knives, but valid proof will always be required. There are some illegal knives that are banned in Minnesota.

  1. Knuckle Knife: Knuckle knives can be carried by the knuckles of your hand. These knives are also known as gaming knives, and the blade of these knives can even kill someone if thrown. So, it is illegal in Minnesota.
  2. Switchblade: Switchblade is also known as an automatic knife that has sharp blades and spring switch that help to open the blade. Using this type of automatic knife is illegal in Minnesota.  
  3. Dagger/Dirk: Dirk or Dagger is a sharp and long knife that has sharp edges. According to Minnesota Knife Law, it is illegal in this use knife in this state.
  4. Sword: It is a weapon with a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard, which is used for striking and thrusting. Due to its sharp and dangerous edges, it is illegal to carry in Minnesota.

Penalties for Using and Carrying Illegal Knives in Minnesota

According to Minnesota Knife Law, if you carry illegal knives in public places and restricted places, then you will be imprisoned for five years and you have to compensate $10,000.

Restricted Places to Carry Knives as per Minnesota Knife Law

According to Minnesota Knife Law, some places are completely restricted to use, carrying, buying, and selling any kind of knife, blade, or dangerous weapon. If you need to carry knives and blades for some important use in your state, then take permission from the peace officer of the state. Take a look at a few places where you cannot carry knives and weapons:

  1. Government Buildings: In government buildings such as police stations, banks, court, federal offices, etc. you cannot carry knives because these are the highly restricted states to carry knives.
  2. Schools and Educational Institutes: Schools, colleges and other educational institutes are always restricted places to carry knives and blades. So, don’t carry any knife and blade in such places to maintain the regulation and the security of the students.
  3. Public Vehicles: It is restricted to carry knives and blades in public vehicles such as buses, metros, and shuttles as per Minnesota Knife Law.    
  4. Private Properties: If you are visiting the private properties such as someone’s residential area, garage or other properties, then it is completely illegal.

Penalties for Carrying Knives in Restricted Places

According to Minn. Stat. 609.66, carrying dangerous weapons and knives in public places and restricted places should be prohibited because as per Subdivision 1, it is a misdemeanor crime. For attempting such a felony, you may be jailed for 5-6 months and you have to compensate $10,000.

Final Thoughts

We hope the regulations of Minnesota Knife Law will help you know about the regulations of using, carrying, manufacturing, transferring, buying, and selling knives. Using a knife and blade for self-defense has no prohibition because every citizen has the right to carry any weapon for their safety, but you have to follow some rules and regulations for carrying knives and other weapons. Not all states have the same legislation, so you should carefully follow the regulations of Minnesota before using knives in this state.