Alaska Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

Common people purchase knives for their household and commercial uses, and they often have an insufficient idea about the Federal Legislation made for different states of America. The United States is strict about the State Knife Law because of its population and increasing crimes. However, vicious compensation is the only way to put limitations on the rising corruption of the metropolitan states in the United States. If you are a responsible citizen of the state then learn the Alabama Knife Law, and follow them while buying, selling, or using knives, just to stay away from high penalties.

Federal Knife Law in Alaska

It is the right of every citizen of Alaska (AK) to bear arms, as per the Second Amendment of the Alaska State Constitution for self-defense, but according to AK Cons.Art.1 – Section 19, you should not infringe the legal limitations and exceptions made by the State Government on using knives or other weapons. Try to avoid violating the knife laws to escape from compensation.

State Legislation

According to Alaska Statue, “Any deadly weapon or anything that, under the circumstances in which it is used, attempted to be used, or threatened to be used, is capable of causing death or serious physical injury is illegal.”. However, a knife is a sharp and deadly weapon as per state law.

You cannot sell or transfer knives to a minor who is under 18 years without his or her parent’s concern, as per Section 11.61.210(5) of Alaska Knife Law. Moreover, it is a 4th Degree Misconduct and Class A – Misdemeanor of the Federal Knife Law. Violating the rules will put you in the lock-up for 6 months or charge $500 from you.


The exception can be made, and an individual below 18 years can carry the pocket knives with the permission of the Peace Officer of Alaska while camping, cooking or fishing. However, the written consent of his or her parents will only allow the minor to buy and carry small Pocket-Knives.

Types of Legal Knives in Alaska

You can buy, sell, use or carry some knives with the permission of Peace Officer and the Federal Government in Alaska. However, you need to know about the legal knives as per Alaska Knife Law. Get an idea about the legal blades and knives as described below:

  1. Pocket Knife – You can carry or use foldable pocket knives like Toothpick Knife, Pen Knife, Talon Blade, Clip-Point Blade, Sheepsfoot knife and Drop-Point Blade that fit inside your small bag or pocket. These knives may help you in cutting, chopping and dicing fruits or vegetables, whenever required. Moreover, you can cut papers and fabrics with these small pocket knives.   
  2. Bowie Knife – This large and double-edged sharp knife is used by chefs, butcher, fisherman, and hunter to slice meat and fish. Bowie seems deadly weapon, so ask for the permission of Peace Officer of Alaska before buying or using it in your home. People who professionally need this blade can show their ID proof to purchase Bowie.   
  3. Stiletto Knife – Stilettos are pointed needle-like blades that are sharp and slender. You may use them for slicing fish and meat in your kitchen or restaurant.
  4. Balisongs – The other name of Balisongs is Butterfly Knife which is foldable. It can be used in Alaska as per state law for self-defense.

Legal Restrictions for Knife Length

Like other states of America, Alaska is not that strict in case of limiting the length of a knife. You can use a 3 to 4-inch knife in this state as per Alaska Knife Law. But remember, people below 21 years should only buy or use pocket knives. If they want to purchase another knife then they have to ask permission from the Peace Officer of Alaska. However, if you violate these rules then you have to give monetary compensation.

Types of Illegal Knives in Alaska

There are many knives that act as deadly weapons as per Alaska Knife Law. So, they are restricted to manufacture, buy, carry and sell. Beware about the illegal knives as per AK 08.76.100 or 08.76.020 of Alaska Constitution before buying them:

  1. Gravity Knives – Gravity knife has a large blade and a strong handle to hold it. The grips are like a gun’s trigger and fulcrum lever that can easily harm someone by throwing a knife with a push at the trigger point. So according to the Switchblade Act, these knives are prohibited to use in Alaska.  
  2. Switchblades – The Switchblade is an automatic knife that can be opened by pressing the switch fixed at the handle of the blade. It is also known as Ejector Knife, Flick Knife, and Springer. Using this forbidden knife would be the violation of Concealment Law in Alaska because Switchblades can act as a deceptive tool to injure people.
  3. Metal Knuckles – Knuckle knives can be of different types like Metal Knuckles, Brass Knuckles, Gun-Shaped Knuckles that are a deadly weapon to attack people. Therefore, you are not allowed to use Knuckles in Alaska.


Armies, fishermen, butchers, animal hunters, and chefs only have a legal liability to use above-mentioned knives with the permission of Peace Officer of the state, by showing their respective ID proofs.

Penalty for Using Illegal Knives

You will be penalized under 5th Degree compensation for breaching AK 08.76.100 or 08.76.020 of Alaska Constitution by keeping illegal knives with you. The monetary compensation will be $500 and you will be imprisoned for 6 months in jail. Moreover, you have to work for the entire state in the prison.

Moreover, if a person attacks with a knife in a public place then it’s a crime that falls under AK 11.61.220. Misconduct Involving Deadly Weapons in the 5th degree. Violating the law will put him or her in prison for 4 years. If the individual is just 18 years then he or she will be jailed for 6 months, and a minor of 16-17 years old will be imprisoned for 4 months.

Places that are Prohibited to Carry Knives

The knives can act as dangerous weapons, so according to Switchblade Law, some places in Alaska are strictly restricted to carry knives such as:

  1. Private Places – Carrying knives in the private residence or childcare center is a breach of AK 4732 that falls under 2nd Degree. This will result in a monetary penalty and imprisonment.
  2. Educational Institute – According to AK 25.35.010(b) or 25.35.020 under 3rd Degree, you cannot carry knives and other deadly weapons to schools and colleges. For violating this law, the students or teacher may be expelled from the institute.
  3. Public Transport – Selling or transporting knives in public vehicles is the violation of AK11.46.320, which falls under 3rd Degree crime. The exception lies when you carry small pocket knives or other legal knives with the Peace Officer’s permission. You would be jailed for 6 months for this misdemeanor.  
  4. Parking Places – It will be the infringement of AK 47.32 under 5th Degree felony if you carry or sell knives in the parking places. You have to compensate $500 for this offense.
  5. Federal Property – You also cannot carry the knives in federal properties like banks, courts, police station and municipality office according to AK 47.32 under 5th Degree. Along with monetary compensation, you will be behind the bar for more than 6 months.


Crime and corruption are increasing day by day at present. So, the state like Alaska has acknowledged several constitutional rules and limitations to the common men of the state for using various knives. If you are purchasing a knife for household and commercial cutting or chopping then obey the aforesaid legal regulations to avoid penalties under Alaska Knife Law.

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