Michigan Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

Many citizens and migrants don’t know about Michigan Knife Law. Some regulations are made strictly for the safety of the citizens of Michigan, and if you are one of the citizens or migrants, then going through the legislation of the knife may help you.

Michigan (MI) is a midwestern region of the U.S. Its name was originated from the name ‘Mishigamaa’, which means ‘large lake’ or large river. This state is a region of lakes and rivers. Hence, most travelers visit this place to enjoy its natural beauty.

Apart from rejoicing, you need to look after your safety because most of the crimes are done by hidden knives. Therefore, the government of the state has organized some legal rules on buying, selling, carrying, and using.

State Knife Law in Michigan

Michigan Knife Law was updated on October 10, 2017, as per Senate Bill 245 that recently eliminated the prohibition of spring-assisted knives, referred to as switchblades. The double-edged and non-folding knives are strictly restricted to carry in Michigan.

In the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, every citizen has the right to carry weapons and knives for self-defense, but you have to follow the legal norms of the state.  

Concealed Open Carry Knife Law in Michigan

According to Michigan Knife Law, you are allowed to carry every legal knife openly. As per the Michigan Penal Code 750.227, a person should not carry a dirk, stiletto, non-folding knives, double-edged knives, and hunting knives by concealing. If anyone breaches the law, then the person will be imprisoned for five years, and he may have to compensate $300 and he or she will be imprisoned for 1 year.

Knife Length Limitation in Michigan

According to Michigan Knife Law of statute MCL Section 750.227, you should not carry a blade that has a length of more than 3”. As per Section 750.222a (1), double-edged knives are strictly restricted in Michigan. For carrying such knives, you will be imprisoned for five years and you may have to pay not more than $2,5000.

Types of Legal Knives in Michigan

Except for minors and intoxicated people, other people are allowed to carry legal knives as per Michigan Knife Law. You can manufacture, buy, sell and use the legal knives of this state. Have a look at the legal knives that you can use.

  1. Butterfly Knives/Balisongs: A Balisong or Butterfly Knives are folding knives, which have two handles. This type of knife is often used for self-defense. Barbers also use this legal knife of Michigan.   
  2. Dirks/Daggers: A Dagger is a pointed sharp knife that has sharp edges. This knife is precarious, but it is legal as per Michigan Knife Law. However, this knife cannot be carried in a concealed way.
  3. Bowie Knives: A Bowie Knife is also known as a hunting knife, and it is also used as a gaming knife. This knife is used by the butchers and the fishermen. It is allowed to use in Michigan.
  4. Throwing Knives: Throwing Knives or Throwing Stars are often used for games. These knives are legal in Michigan.
  5. Gravity Knives: Gravity Knife is a blade that has to handle and it has a spinning motion that helps in propelling the blade out. It is also legal in Michigan.
  6. Pocket Knives: The pocket knives are small in size and easy to handle. This knife is also known as jack-knife. These knives are often carried for the emergency purpose such as cutting fruits, paper, rope, etc. This knife is also used for self-defense. Hence, it is legal in Michigan.
  7. Machete: Usually, butchers use Machete Knife for cutting or slashing meat. Fishermen use this knife to cut large fish. It is a precarious knife, but as the Michigan Knife Law is not strict, so it is legal to own but not legal to carry if you don’t need it in your occupation.
  8. Ballistic Knives: The Ballistic Knife is a long spring knife that gets expelled from a barrel. It is legal to own in Michigan.

Types of Illegal Knives in Michigan

According to Section 750.226, you should not carry dangerous weapons such as firearms and knives in Michigan. Every knife or blade is not legal to carry in Michigan. You can neither carry illegal knives nor you can use them. Some illegal blades or knives in Michigan are:

  1. Disguised Knives: Disguised knives or hidden knives such as pen knife, lipstick knife, and cane knife are often carried in handbags and pockets. These types of knives or blades are illegal to carry in concealing way.
  2. Non-Folding Knives: Non-folding knives are medium in size, and it cannot be folded. It is also known as a flick knife because of its sharp edges. These types of knives are banned in Michigan.
  3. Double-Edged Knives: Double-edged knives have sharp edges on both sides. This type of dangerous knife is illegal in Michigan.

Penalties for Using Illegal Knives in Michigan

According to Michigan Knife Law, a person who uses owns, and buys illegal knives will have to compensate $2,500.00, and he or she will be imprisoned for five years.

Restricted Places to Carry Knives in Michigan

According to Michigan Knife Law, there are some places where knives and blades are completely prohibited to carry. You should always keep in mind that if you carry knives or any dangerous weapon in those places, then you may be jailed or penalized for the felony. Take a look at a few prohibited areas of knives:

  1. Schools and Educational Institutes: According to Michigan Knife Law, you should not carry weapons, knives, and blades in schools and other educational institutes. If you carry the weapons or knives without the permission of the authority, then you will be punished under the law.
  2. Government Buildings: You cannot carry and use knives or blades in government buildings such as municipality office, bank, police station, federal office, court, etc.
  3. Private Properties: You should not bear weapons and carry knives in someone’s private place.
  4. Vehicles: Carrying any dangerous weapon or knives in vehicles is not safe. So, it is illegal to carry weapons and knives in public and private vehicles.

Penalties for Carrying Knives in Restricted Places

If you ignore the knife laws of the state and carry knives, blades, and other weapons in schools and other prohibited places, then you will be penalized for breaking that strict law. You have to pay $500 and you will be kept behind the bar for six months.

Final Note

Following the regulations of Michigan Knife Law will maintain your safety, and these rules will help you know the legislation of the knives before buying and selling them.