Arkansas Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

Formerly quite restrictive regarding the ownership of using and carrying knives, Arkansas is one of the knife-friendliest states in the U.S today after 2013. A slight change and the new approach started in 2007 with the repeal of Arkansas Code 5-73-121, as per Act 83 of 2007. According to this law, using the 3.5” upper limit of Knives was eliminated.

According to different Knife Laws in the United States, you can use or carry law but there are some legal regulations for using different types of knives and blades. If you are a citizen of the state, then you have to follow the legislative rules to avoid penalties.

State Knife Law of Arkansas

The constitution of Arkansas (AR) identifies the notion of inalienable and inherent rights of bearing arms and knives for self-protection. However, you have to carry such knives only for your safety, which are allowed to carry as per Federal Law of Arkansas.

Carrying Knife Law

According to Art.2, Section 2, all citizen in Arkansas has the right to carry and bear arms and knives for their defense but you have to look at the length before using or carrying it.

Carrying knives have two meanings. Firstly, the knife can be a bladed instrument that is capable of inflicting major injury or death by stabbing or cutting. Secondly, the knife is a sharp instrument that is used for cutting vegetables or fruits while traveling. However, as per the Carrying Law of Arkansas of 5-73-120, carrying a handgun and sharp knives in the club, schools, vehicles, and hospitals is an offense and you have to pay a penalty for doing that offense. According to the law of Civil Code 5-73-121, you cannot carry a knife or blade with a length of more than 3.5”.

Repeal and Penalty of the Arkansas Carrying Knife Law

According to Civil Code 5-73-121, if a person carries a knife without permission in a vehicle and other restricted places, then he or she shall be punished under Section 5-73-123 (b) and will be imprisoned for six months.

If the knife consists of sharp bade longer than 3.5”, then this is a violation of ‘Prima Facie Proof’ and it will be believed that the knife is carried as a weapon.

Concealment Knife Law

According to Arkansas Knife Law, this state has no specific concealment legislation. You carry small knives or blades by hiding but minors under 18 years old cannot carry any concealed knife or a pocket knife.

Sale or Transfer of Knife Law

No prohibition is given regarding the sale or transfer of a knife in Arkansas. According to Section 5-73-109, you cannot sell a deadly weapon to a minor under 18 years old.

Blade Length Rules of Arkansas

According to Section 5-73-120 (1) (4), you cannot carry such a knife which is more than the length of 3.5”. Breaching the legislation is an offense. If you violate the rules, then you have to charge a $500 penalty.

Some people like hunters, armies, butchers, and fishermen have to carry every type of knives but they can carry that only during duty hours. They have to show their ID proof and license for carrying those knives and blades.

Types of Legal Knives in Arkansas

Whether you are a new migrant or an existing citizen of Arkansas, you can carry, sell and buy knives according to some legislations of the Arkansas Knife Law. You cannot use every knife, but here are some blades or knives that you can definitely use.

  1. Balisongs – It is a broad flipping and fanning knife which can be used for self-defense and butchers also use this knife for cutting meat.  
  2. Automatic Knife – Switchblade or automatic knife can also be used for cutting fruits or self-defense.
  3. Gravity Knife – This knife has a big handle and small sharp blade that looks quite similar to a switchblade. It has a push-button and by pressing that it can be opened.
  4. Dinks – It is a long thrusting dagger that is used by armed forces. It can also be used by other citizens in Arkansas but minors cannot use it because it is very sharp.
  5. Stilettos – The Switchblade Act is not strict in Arkansas, so the citizens of Arkansas can use stilettos for their self-defense but with permission of the Armament Officer.
  6. Straight Razor – We all know the purpose of carrying straight razor for shaving beards or head. It is sharp but you can carry it. Moreover, this razor can be also carried by barbers for their shop.


You cannot carry Bowie Knives in Arkansas because it has a length more than 3.5”. You cannot use any knife whose length is more than 3-3.5” as per Arkansas Knife Law.

Penalty for Carrying Illegal Knife in Arkansas

If you carry Bowie Knives or larger knives of more than 3.5”, then you have to compensate $500 as per law. Moreover, you can also be imprisoned for six months. So, try to follow the simple legislations of carrying, using, and selling knives because Arkansas Knife Law is quite simple because it is one of the knife-friendly states in the U.S.

Restricted Places to Carry Knives in Arkansas

Knife and blades are often used for simple purposes but sometimes they can be deadly if you misuse them in public places. There are some places where you should not carry any knife and other sharp or deadly weapons such as:

  1. Schools – According to Section 5-73-122 of Arkansas Knife Law, using or carrying knives or other weapons in a school or in other education institute is a crime. If you are carrying knives for cutting fruits or for some other purposes, then you have to take permission from the owner of the educational center or from the authority of the place. It is the matter for the safety of the students and teachers, so neither a student nor any teacher is allowed to carry knives or blades in school premises.
  2. Government Building – Banks, post offices, judiciary boards, etc. are some of the government places where carrying and using knives or blades are not allowed. If this legislation is violated, then you have to penalize as per Section 14-54-1411.
  3. Clubs – According to Arkansas Knife Law, you should not carry knives and blades in clubs, streets and other public places because it may harm others.
  4. Federal Properties – According to Federal Switchblade Law, you cannot carry knives and blades in the federal properties such as airports and court. 
  5. Public Vehicles – When you are in public vehicles like bus, shuttle and metro, you cannot carry any weapons and knives because any deadly weapon can harm the people in public areas.
  6. Others Personal Property – Without the consent of the person, it is illegal to carry any weapons and knives in someone’s personal property like in residence or in other places.

Final Thoughts

Rules and legislation are made for the safety of the people in the state. So, it is our responsibility to follow the federal limitations of the Arkansas Knife Law because it is not very hard to follow the legislations of the knife because they are very simple and relaxed. You can use, buy or sell the knife or blade but you have to consider the regulations.