Colorado Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

The land of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado (CO) is neither liberal with knife law like Alaska, nor very strict in legal terms like California. However, Colorado Knife Law has some standard restrictive legal terms and conditions for the permanent citizens to the new migrants of the state. Now, if you are living in this snow-capped region then you have to learn the regulations, limitations, and exceptions of buying and selling knives to avoid federal penalties and punishments.

We know that knife and blade usage are necessary for the common men for various purposes like cutting, slashing, etc. but in each state of the United States, some legal rules have limited the usage of different knives bounded with the legislation for us. The Government has commenced the regulations to stop knife-related offenses in several regions, and safeguard the common people from the grip of the crime and harmful incidences.

Statutory Regulations of Colorado Knife Law

The Supreme Court of Colorado has allowed the citizens to bear arms for self-defense, but to own or use knives both license and legal restrictions are the prime lawful elements for every individual in the state. Compared to the other American states, there are no such legal restrictions in transferring, selling, or carrying knives to minors under 18 years, but exceptionally illegal and large blades or knives are restricted for schools, public places, etc. to carry in a concealed way to mislead people. However, a license is needed to make for buying legal knives that are used for domestic and commercial purposes.

Knife Length Limitation in Colorado

As per Colorado Supreme Court, you cannot carry knives larger than 3.5-inch, but if you need to carry larger tools or blades then you will whether need a license or need a proof for the defense to get rid of the legal compensations. Remember, you have to renew the knife license whenever required. If an individual carries more than 3.5-inch knives or blades then he or she will be kept in the state prison for 3 months or will be charged $250.

Concealment Knife Law in Colorado

According to Section 18-12-105 of Colorado Knife Law, concealed or hidden knives and deadly weapons are prohibited to be carried in the state. Disobeying the law will put the individual under a Class 2 misdemeanor. The penalties of this offense are very strict; the guilty individual will be imprisoned for 3-12 months, and he or she will be economically charged with $250 to $1,000.

Defenses for Avoiding the Penalties of Carrying Concealed Knife

You can only defend yourself from the high compensation and lawful punishment by giving the proof for some exceptional cases as follows:

  • If the person is a peace officer, police officer or army then he or she is allowed to carry arms and any length blade for the purpose of duty, but an ID proof of their profession is necessary.
  • In a private vehicle, sole-proprietary business places or private places, concealed knives are allowed but with a valid license for self-defense.
  • Hunters, fishermen, and butcher shop owners can carry large and sharp knives or blades but with valid ID proof and license for every occupation.

According to CRS 18-12-105.1 of Colorado Knife Law, if you qualify any of the above affirmative defenses under Colorado Criminal Attorney with valid proof then you can defend yourself legally from the penalties of keeping high-length knives and carrying concealed blades.

The concealed knife or other deadly weapon’s license is given only to people above 21 years old.

Legally Permitted Knives in Colorado

When we discuss the permit of using knives, some blades are legal to manufacture, purchase, buy, and sell, as per Colorado Knife Law as follows:

  1. Dagger/Dirk Knife – This sharp-pointed large knife is legal to carry as per, Colorado Knife Law, but you need a valid ID proof or a permit to carry it.
  2. Pocket Knife – Different pocket knives are legally permitted to carry in Colorado but not in a hidden or concealed manner at public places, educational institutes, and federal properties.
  3. Butterfly Knife – Balisong or Butterfly Knives are generally used for self-defense. Even it is sometimes used in kitchen and restaurants to cut, chop and slice vegetables, fish and meat.
  4. Switchblade – Another name of the switchblade is an automatic knife that has a spring holder that can be easily opened with a switch in it. Usually, it is used to cut paper, thread, rope or vegetables whenever required.  
  5. Fixed Blade Knife – The fixed blade knife or sheath knife has a strong handle to hold and usually it is used in kitchens. However, you are allowed to buy a fixed blade knife from the shop.

Restricted Knives in Colorado

The Supreme Court of Colorado has banned the usage of some knives that are designed for committing offenses. So, for the safety of the citizens, those deadly knives are banned, which can injure others. However, have a look at the illegal knives in Colorado:

  1. Ballistic Knife – The ballistic blade can be easily detached from the holder of the knife and can be harmed with the slender edged. However, it’s concealed and undetectable nature has made it illegal as per Colorado Knife Law.
  2. Gravity Knife – The gravity spinning motion to propel is always attached with a gravity knife. It can be thrown from pushing the trigger of the knife that can injure or intentionally harm others. So, you are not allowed to use a gravity knife in Colorado.
  3. Metal Knuckles – This are sharp knives which can be carried through your grip and it is a dangerous weapon made to fight. However, it’s banned as per Colorado Knife Law.  

Compensations for Using Illegal Knives as per Colorado Knife Law

According to Section 18-12-101, illegal knives or dangerous weapons are strictly prohibited in Colorado. Violating the rule will be a felony under Class 5, Subsection – 3 if you do it unintentionally. For committing a Class 5 felony, you will be in prison for 2 to 3 years, and your monetary compensation will be $1,000 to $100,000. Moreover, assaulting with the knife intentionally or threatening someone will fall under Class 4 felony. For the offense of Class 4 felony, you will be in the state jail for 3 to 6 years and your economic penalty will be $2,000 to $500,000. So, try to avoid these mistakes and stay away from these strict penalties.

Prohibited Places to Bear Knives

There are some places where blades and knives are not permitted legally. Therefore, you should avoid carrying knives for any purpose without the permission of the peace officer of the state or owner of such properties as follows

  • School/Colleges
  • Government Buildings
  • State Properties
  • Vehicles
  • Personal Events

Penalties for Carrying Knives in Restricted Places

If you carry knives in legally prohibited places and situations then you will be convicted under Class 6 felony of CRS 18-12-105.5 and CRS 22-32-109.1. Therefore, the penalties for this offense will be as follows:

  • You will be imprisoned for 18 months or 1 year.
  • You have to compensate $1,000 to $100,000, as per the seriousness of the misdemeanors.

You can carry knives for self-defense or other purposes to these places with the written permission of the Peace Officer of your locality and permission of the owners of the places.

Ending Note

As a responsible citizen, you should obey every regulation of Colorado Knife Law, not only for you or your family but also for the security of the region where you live. So, use knives but don’t ignore the legal limitations for the usage otherwise, it will compensate you under Federal Legislation.

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