Georgia Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

While talking about Georgia (GA), this state is not very strict in terms of knife-related regulations, but there is significant legislation that you have to follow appropriately while living in the place, as per Georgia Knife Law. It is also known as the ‘Peach State’ because of its beauty, but sometimes the knife-related crimes make the state apprehensive and unsafe. So, the Federal Government of Georgia has introduced various laws for manufacturing, using, buying, selling, and carrying different types of sharp knives.

Knife Law is one of the strict legal parts of regulation in every American state, and the individual citizens should know the entire lawful principles for using knives because there are no similarities between any rule. Thus, whether you are a visitor or citizen of the country, you should learn the legal rubrics for purchasing blades, just to avoid high compensation and lead a safe life.

State Knife Laws of Georgia

According to the constitution of Georgia, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms are allowed.” However, the constitution has also set a limitation for that, “Prescribe the manner in which arms may be borne.” Both the statements have one legal conclusory note – you can bear arms for self-defense because it is your right, but in a legal manner by following some lawful restrictions with the duty of citizenship.

Georgia is a state of fishing and hunting, that’s the reason blades and knives are required for knife dealers, fishermen, and hunters. However, every person who is in these occupations or other professions, needs to make a license for keeping defensive weapons and carrying knives, as per O.C.G.A (h) 1 – Section 16-9-129 of Georgia Knife Law.

Georgia Knife Law for the Minors of the State

Under O.C.G.A. Section 16-11-101, you cannot transfer or sell any illegal weapons and deadly knives to minors under 18 years old. Violation of this rule will result in a misdemeanor charge. Moreover, minors are also not allowed to purchase the knife without the written consent of their parents, as per the Federal Law of Georgia.

Limitations for Carrying the Length of the Knife as per Georgia Knife Law

The length of the knife is also a vital factor in Georgia because dangerous weapons may harm the citizens of the region. Still, if you compare to the other states then the law of Georgia is quite liberal. According to the Georgia Knife Law Reform Bill – SB 49, you can carry 5-inch to 2-inch knives or blades, whether it is opened or concealed.  There is no such Concealment Law for Georgia, so you can carry a knife in your pocket or in a bag without any restrictions. But if you carry a longer knife than 12-inch then you have to give a penalty under the Official Code of Georgia – Section 16-11-125.1 (HB 292) i.e. $500.

There is an exception on the length, remember that you can carry up to 5-inch long knife in a concealed way but not more than that. Carrying a 12-inch knife in a misleading way can be punishable under the state law with monetary compensation. Moreover, you cannot carry knives without the permission of the respective owners of some premises like schools, vehicles, and public buildings or the Peace Officer of the locality, but if you carry the knives with a valid permit in these places then the length should be no more than 2-inch as per the rule of Supreme Court in Georgia.

Penalties for Breaching the State Knife Laws

The legal rules of the Georgia Knife Law are friendly and liberal, but the penalties for breaching the necessary regulations are highly spiteful. So, remember that violation of different Federal Constitutions will be considered a strict felony. Moreover, you will be punished for these offenses by the following vicarious compensations:

  • The violation of O.C.G.A (h) 1 – Section 16-9-129 of Georgia Knife Law by not holding the knife license is an offense. For this misleading act, you have to compensate $10,000 or you will be imprisoned for 2-3 years. So, please be careful by making the license to carry any weapons or knives for your use.
  • If you breach Georgia Code Section 16-11-121 of Knife Law, and sell knives to the minor then you will be jailed for 5 years and you will be fined $10,000 for the offense. Moreover, if the minor purchases the knife without the consent of his or her parents then that will be the breach of Code Section 15-11-601 and the child will be convicted for 4 months for buying deadly knives or other weapons.
  • You need to make a license or ask permission from the Peace Officer of Georgia for carrying longer blade than 12-inch. For the Breach ofthe Official Code of Georgia – Section 16-11-125.1, you have to pay $500 as compensation.

Various Legal Knives in Georgia

You can easily manufacture, sell, buy or use the knives in Georgia with a permit. Carry a legal license for holding a knife for self-defense or other purposes. However, have a look at a few knives used for different purposes in Georgia:

  1. Pocket/Folding Knives – You often need to carry a pocket knife or a small folding knife in your pocket or in a bag for cutting fruits, papers or for any other emergency needs. So, there is no barrier in carrying different types of pocket knives in Georgia. 
  2. Disguised Knives – Carrying undetectable knives like belt knife, lipstick knife, cane knife, etc. are not restricted to use and carry in Georgia for various purposes but with a valid permit or license.  
  3. Bowie Knife – This knife is large in size but there is no limitation in manufacturing, selling, purchasing and carrying the knives in public.  
  4. Ballistic Knife – If you are using a ballistic knife then remember you cannot buy a knife which is longer than 12-inch because small ballistic knives are permitted in the state, as per Georgia Knife Law.
  5. Push Knife – Push Knife is also known as Fist Knife or Gimlet Knife that is made of the sharp blade with a T-shaped handle attached with a spring. Usually, these knives are used in tip-pointing games like shooting and different types of sports. Also, it’s a self-defensive weapon often needed in an emergency situation.
  6. Throwing Knives – The throwing stars and throwing knives are also used for tip-shooting games and for self-defense. 
  7. Balisong Knife – Balisongs are restricted in the multiple states of the U.S, but allowed to own and carry, as per Ownership Law of Georgia. However, a legal permit is necessary to buy it because of its sharp blade.   
  8. Switchblade – As per Switchblade Act of Georgia, if you are buying any automatic or switchblades then first look the length i.e. 5-inches blade length because automatic and switchblades should be not more than this size.

Different Types of Illegal Knives in Georgia

There are very fewer knives that are illegal in Georgia because of the sharp edges and deadly danger. A few knives are designed for harming others and committing crimes as follows:

  1. Metal Knuckles – You can hold knuckle knife with your fingers and this knife can be triggered like guns. Therefore, its deadly nature has drawn a restriction by the Federal Government in using the knife that can act as a dangerous weapon to harm people.  
  2. Sword – Sword is a long size blade with heavy handles, often used in earlier days in the wars. Nowadays, people in armed forces sometimes use this weapon to fight with their enemies. However, it is not necessary for common men. So, it’s illegal in Georgia and you cannot use it.
  3. Dagger – It is specially designed to injure and kill people. So, you cannot use the large-hold sharp weapons like dirks and dagger in Georgia.


People in the armed forces, police departments, certified legal practitioners, butchers, and fishermen can use sharp knives, but with proper ID proof or license for their respective duties. Moreover, the manufacturer and seller of various knife-dealing businesses also need to make authentic licenses before selling or exporting knives.

Regulations and Compensations of Keeping Illegal Knives

According to the O.C.G.A. 16-11-126 of Georgia Knife Law, if anyone carries illegal weapons and deadly knives then he or she will guilty of the felony of a misdemeanor. For violating the section and carrying illegal law with concealment, the guilty person will be convicted to imprisonment for 2-5 years.

Places that are Prohibited to Carry Knife

You must know that some places are strictly restricted to carrying dangerous knives and other weapons, as per Georgia Knife Law. However, the state government has made the prohibitions to maintain the seriousness and security of these places:

  • Schools or Colleges – You cannot carry knives and other weapons to the schools and other educational institution, as per O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127.1The Federal Government of Georgia has made schools and colleges violence-free and weapon-free school safety zone. Only you can carry pocket knives for camping, or any other works after getting permission from the Peace Officer of Georgia and the owner of the school or college, as per Code Section 35-8-2.  
  • Government Buildings – According to O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-136it is legally restricted to carry different types of knives and other weapons in government buildings like a police station, court-house, municipality office, and polling house.
  • Federal Property – There are some federal properties like banks, airports, post offices and ship decks where high checking is done. However, if you carry weapons or knives in a concealed way then you might get caught and arrested because of this offense which is against Georgia Knife Law.
  • Public Transports – As per O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127 of Georgia Knife Law, the citizens or migrants of the state are not allowed to bear or carry any arms and knives in the vehicles or public transports like taxi, bus, etc. because a safety factor lies with it. An individual can carry the legal knives with license, but after taking the permission of the Peace Officer of the locality.  

Penalties for Violating the Rules by Carrying Knives in the Restricted Places

The above-mentioned legislation is made for every citizen and visitor of Georgia. So, you have to remember the places where knives and weapons are strictly restricted. Violation of the legal regulations may compensate you with some penalties as follows:

  • For breaching O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127.1, and carrying knives or other arms in the premise of educational institute put you behind the bar of Georgia for 2 to 5 years.
  • If you violate the rules of O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-136 by carrying the knives and weapons in the government buildings and federal property then you will be charged $10,000 under the Georgia Knife Law.
  • Violation of O.C.G.A. – Section 16-11-127 of Georgia Knife Law will compensate you with 2 years’ imprisonment.


With the rising crimes and corruption of Georgia, the Federal Government has defined several legal rules and limitations with exceptions for the famous state of the U.S i.e. Georgia, just to control the safety of the citizens and migrants. You have no limitations to using a knife for a useful purpose, but the concealment and misuse will not be entertained legally by the government.