Missouri Knife Law – The Complete Guide (In Plain English)

Missouri Knife Law is nonrestrictive but is quite confusing with various statutes. Until 2012, Missouri was against carrying switchblade or automatic knives. After 2012, as per 15 USC Chapter 29, carrying switchblades is not restricted in this state. According to Section 23 of Missouri Knife Law, everyone has the right to bear and keep arms for their safety, but the state laws are needed to be followed whenever you buy and use a knife.

State Knife Law in Missouri

According to Section 571.107 of Missouri Knife Law, using dangerous firearm weapons, and sharp knives such as Blackjack and Sword are restricted in this state. In the Supreme Court of Missouri, Dagger or Dagger is defined as a short and sharp-pointed weapon to stab people. So, it is restricted to carry sharp and pointed knives in the state.

Concealed and Open Carry Knife Law of Missouri

According to Missouri Knife Law, you can conceal pocket knives and folding blades which have a length less than four inches. Concealing knives in vehicles is a crime. Carrying legal knives openly is allowed, but not in the restricted places of the state. You have to compensate $600 or you will be imprisoned for six months.   


The government employees who need weapons in their jobs such as police inspectors, armies, and forest officers are only allowed to carry knives and blades in the state.  

Knife Length Limitation in Missouri

You can carry 4-inches knives and blade in Missouri. According to Section 571.010 of Missouri Knife Law, the citizens and migrants of Missouri cannot manufacture, possess, repair, sell and transport knives. For violating this rule, you have to compensate $500-$600. Moreover, you will be jailed for more than one year.       

Types of Legal Knives in Missouri

According to Section 23 of Missouri Knife Law, the citizens of the state have the right to bear arms or weapons for their safety. So, there are some legal knives of Missouri you the citizens and the migrants can carry.

  1. Balisong/Butterfly Knives: People carry Balisong or Butterfly Knife for self-defense or the purpose of their works such as flipping fish and slashing meat. This knife is legal in Missouri.
  2. Bowie Knives: This knife is known as a hunting knife or butchering game knife, as it has a sharp edge. But you have to take permission from the peace officer of the place and make a valid license to carry this knife. The curved clop of the knife is usually used by the chefs. It is also a legal knife in Missouri.  
  3. Throwing Knives/Stars: Throwing stars or knives are used in games and in martial arts. It is legal in Missouri.

Types of Illegal Knives in Missouri

Every knife or blade is not legal to use in Missouri. There are some knives and blades that are illegal to use, own, carry and sell in Missouri. Take a look at the illegal knives of Missouri.

  1. Pocket Knife: Pocket Knives are usually used for cutting paper and slicing fruit. Some people carry this knife for self-defense, but it can also carry for the purpose of crime in a hidden way. So, pocket Knives are restricted to use in Missouri.
  2. Switchblade/Automatic Knife: According to the Missouri Knife Law, a switchblade and automatic knives are restricted to use in Missouri.
  3. Disguised Knives: Lipstick Knife, cane sword, pen knife, and other small and hidden knives are prohibited to carry in Missouri.
  4. Daggers/Stilettos/Dirks: Dagger or Dirk was used in ancient times during the battlefield. However, some dirks or daggers are still used as a gaming knife. It is illegal to use in Missouri because of its sharpness.  

Penalties for Using Illegal Knives in the State

If you carry illegal knives in Missouri, then you will be imprisoned for two years and the penalty will be $600.

Restricted Places to Carry Knives in Missouri

As per Missouri Knife Law, you are not allowed to carry all types of knives and blades in Missouri. There are also some places that prohibit using every legal and illegal knife or blade as follows:

  1. Schools/Colleges: It is illegal to carry any knives and blades in schools and other educational places like colleges, universities, and other educational institutes. So, don’t carry knives in such places.
  2. Government Buildings: There are several government properties such as courts, banks, federal houses, party boards and municipality offices where you cannot carry any weapons such as guns and knives.
  3. Vehicles: Carrying knives and blades in public transports such as buses, metro rails and cars are strictly not allowed because it is important to maintain the safety of the transport and knife-related crimes that may occur at any place.
  4. Private Properties: In the private properties of anyone like someone’s house, shops and fields, you legally not allowed to carry knives and other weapons as per Missouri Knife Law.
  5. Airport: Public places such as airports, bus stands, and market places are the centers where you should not carry knives and blades because it is your responsibility to maintain the federal rules.

Penalties for Carrying Knives in the Restricted Places of Missouri

For carrying illegal knives in Missouri, you may be kept behind the bar for six months to one year. You may also have to compensate $500 to $600 for violating the rules and the sections that restrict you from carrying knives and other weapons.   

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned regulations of Missouri Knife Law are made for the safety of the citizens and migrants of the state. This is your duty to follow the regulations of the state.