SG2 vs VG10 Comparison (Which Is The Better Knife Steel?)

When it comes to knife steel, there are a lot of options to choose from. Back in the day when I was saving up to buy an Old Timer knife from my local Ace Hardware, I had no idea how many options or how complicated the choice could be. But, does it have to be? …

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How To Clean Anodized Titanium (3 Simple Methods)

Anodized knives run the entire luxury gamut. On one end you can find “anodized” stainless steel knives (for sale at gas stations everywhere) and on the other end, you get anodized titanium. The thing they all have in common is that they absolutely love fingerprints and grease. If you’ve ever held an anodized knife you …

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Should Women Carry A Pocket Knife? (Yes, Obviously…)

The number of women who carry pocket knives has risen in recent years. In fact, a recent report by BBC shows that the number has gone up by 73% over the past five years. But while the statistics look impressive to self-defense advocates, many people have questioned whether women should really carry pocket knives or …

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