Should Women Carry A Pocket Knife? (Yes, Obviously…)

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 03:33 pm

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The number of women who carry pocket knives has risen in recent years. In fact, a recent report by BBC shows that the number has gone up by 73% over the past five years. But while the statistics look impressive to self-defense advocates, many people have questioned whether women should really carry pocket knives or a better question, are they a practical tool for anyone?

My wife carries a pocket knife for about two days every time I get her one. She just doesn’t find a use for it (since she just borrows mine anyway). But I think there is still a strong case to be made for every person to have a pocket knife on their person.

So, should women carry pocket knives? Women should carry pocket knives. Apart from being a self-defense alternative to guns, a pocket knife is also a solid edge tool that provides utility for every day tasks.

While guns attract more attention from mainstream media, pocket knives are practical alternatives. Even if you’re not after self-defense, many other functional uses of pocket knives exist. And the availability of several designs and varieties makes finding one that suits your needs easier.

Why Should a Woman Carry a Pocket Knife?

Women are more independent today than ever before, and this independence means that many women often have to complete tasks alone at home and in various workplaces. So, it makes sense that a woman would need a pocket knife for moments when they’ll be alone and need to use a knife.

While so many people know what pocket knives are, few know they have uses beyond self-defense. There are so many reasons for women to carry knives. Here are a few:

Great for Household Tasks

It’s a norm to see women and men use kitchen knives for household tasks like opening packages and envelopes, robe cutting, etc. These are bad habits that can dull or damage your kitchen knives. We all know about the dangers and safety hazards that dull kitchen knives pose. 

You may also hurriedly put your knife away after opening packages – then use the same knife to chop cooking ingredients. Package seals move from hand to hand and can easily contaminate your knife and food by extension. So, it’d be best to have a small knife that doesn’t enter the kitchen, and pocket knives fit the job. 

Pocket Knives Also Come in Handy when Spending Time Outdoors

Pocket knives are among camping essentials. But you don’t have to wait till you’re camping before owning a pocket knife. 

If you own a garden or work in one, you’ll need one. There are designated garden knives, but pocket knives can also work for most garden tasks. Hikers and explorers can also use garden knives.

Hiking activities will often take you far from your comfort zone to areas that feel unsafe. Pocket knives will help you survive until help comes or you find your way back to a comfort zone. 

Easy to Carry

We bet you didn’t know this was a reason to own a pocket knife. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you’ll always find one that suits your personality and needs.

The ease they bring means you can take them anywhere. You can also just leave them in your purse or handbag until you need to use them.

Helps you Feel Safer

Arguably the most important reason to carry a pocket knife. Simply having a knife with you can improve your self-confidence, especially in today’s crazy world where we don’t know what (or who) we’ll meet outside. And it doesn’t even matter whether you live in the best neighborhood or not – there will still be times when you’ll feel uneasy or unsafe.

Whether you’re driving in the dark or visiting a rough neighborhood, there’s the little boost of confidence that comes with knowing you have a weapon in your bag.

Tip For Staying Alive: Don’t pull out a knife if an attacker has a more lethal weapon, as it can trigger them to use it.

Should Women Use a Pocket Knife for Self-Defense?

Although pocket knives are among the most convenient self-defense tools, it is crucial to understand when and how to use them. But can pocket knives get you out of danger?

Women can use pocket knives as self-defense tools. Although small, their blades are so sharp and deadly that merely wielding one can scare off a potential attacker.

However, unless you have sufficient training in the art of using pocket knives, you should carefully inspect your attacker before reaching for your knife.

Another issue is that you need to have a hard heart to use a knife with the intent to harm someone. And since most women are naturally soft-hearted, attackers may still pounce on you, thinking you won’t use your weapon. So another option is non-lethal weapons that you can use from a distance.

Non-Lethal Alternatives to Pocket Knives for Self-defense

The main problem with A pocket knife is that, while it offers death as a deterrent, you’ll need to get too close to your attacker to use it.

Fortunately, there are many other alternatives that women can use from a distance to deter attackers. Let’s briefly review some of them.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an excellent distance weapon. You won’t be able to go toe-to-toe with an attacker without some prior-martial art training. So, unless you can carry a CCW, pepper spray is your next best self-defense weapon.

With pepper spray, you won’t need to go too close to an attacker to reach them. And since their goal will primarily be to grapple/control you, a pepper spray will stop them from accomplishing that.

Siren Keychain 

Sometimes, the safest thing you can do is call for help. Thanks to innovative technology, there are now self-defense sirens designed to alert nearby people that you’re in danger. 

Many carjackings and roadside robberies are crimes of opportunity. So there’s a big chance that the loud sound of your alarm will deter your attacker. But even if it doesn’t, passersby will come to your assistance or call the police. 

A Stun Gun

Stun guns pack a powerful punch. When discharged, their bullets can send painful jolts of electricity that destabilize an attacker.

Most stun guns come with safety/disable pins and wrist straps that prevent the gun from being used on you.

A Good Pair of Shoes

If you’re in a weak tactical position, don’t worry. Your legs can always bail you out.

Just run and make sure you won’t get caught. Even if it turns out you misjudged the situation, the worst you’d get is being trolled for a few days for being cowardly.

But that won’t harm you. So, don’t wait and wonder. Get up and get gone!

Recap: Should A Woman Carry a Pocket Knife?

From a technical standpoint, women can carry pocket knives. Knives are tools that can be used to aid humans in everyday life, no matter if you’re a man or a woman.

If you own a pocket knife for self-defense, you should know that it can cause you harm. It’ll typically bring you close to your attacker, and unless you’re a skilled fighter, your attacker may be able to harm you.

We’ve reviewed a few self-defense alternatives that you can use from a longer distance. If you’re constantly feeling unsafe in a neighborhood, it’ll be best to leave the neighborhood.

When you visit a merchant by clicking a link on this site we may make a commission on anything you buy (at no additional cost to you).   Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to Amazon Associates and the eBay Partner Network.”